Eye Lid Cyst (Chalazion) Removal

A Chalazion (also known as a meibomian cyst) is a firm round lump in the upper or lower eyelid caused by inflammation or blockage of a gland in the eyelid.

By Andrew Hatfield
Updated: 20th May 2022

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What is a Chalazion?

Typically, Chalazions present as an inflamed swelling in the eyelid caused by a blocked oil duct (meibomian gland).

Sometimes the Chalazion is a hard, painless lump which is called a quite chalazion, compared to an acute Chalazion which is a painful red lump.

What treatments are suitable for Chalazions?

Our consultants offer a wide range of Chalazion treatments including:

Which consultants treat Eye Lid Cysts (Chalazion)?

Consultants who treat Eye Lid Cysts (Chalazion) are:

Mr H Hiranandani


All our Consultant Ophthalmologists are registered on the GMC Specialist Register and are members of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

During the consultation the Consultant will examine the eyelids to determine whether there are any associated conditions i.e. inflamed eye lids (Blepharitis), oil gland malfunction (Meibomiantis) or any other problems.

Particular attention is taken during the examination to exclude malignant tumours/lesions.

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