Private One-Stop Knee Clinic in St Helens

By Andrew Hatfield
Updated: 12th June 2023

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The aim of our specialist one-stop knee clinic is to reduce the patients waiting time and hospital visits.

You will receive direct access to an Orthopaedic Consultant, Mr Ravi Pydisetty who specialises in treating knee in pain and knee related injuries.

All within the one visit you will have:

  • An initial consultation with Mr Pydisetty
  • Any diagnostic imaging you may require
  • A report on the imaging by our resident Consultant Radiologist
  • A follow up consultation with Mr Pydisetty to discuss the results

We will aim to complete all this within 2 hours on the same day, saving you multiple hospital visits and ensuring you will leave with all the information you require.At the end of the consultation process a treatment plan will be provided. Treatment plans can vary and are charged separately.

Following the consultations we can confirm the exact costs of any treatment plan that is recommended based on the results of the investigations.

How to book an appointment for the specialist knee clinic

The one stop specialist knee clinic costs £550. This is a fixed fee for self-paying patients which is due in full prior to the clinic. This is non-refundable and ensures that all the specialists you require are available to you during the clinic if required.

The fixed fee £550 includes the consultations, diagnostic imaging and report from our consultant radiologist on the same day.

You will then be offered the next available clinic appointment. Mr Pydisetty offers weekly clinics here at Fairfield.

To book your initial consultation with Mr Pydisetty, you can call us on 01744 746 425 or email

Referral Process

As a self-paying patient we do not require a referral, however a referral from your GP, Physiotherapist or any other healthcare professional will help with the prognosis and is in the best interests of the patient.

During the specialist knee clinic

You will be seen by Mr Pydisetty during your initial consultation to understand your symptoms and to determine which type of diagnostic tests you may require.

If you require further diagnostics, Mr Pydisetty will request these the same day. Typical diagnostic tests included X-Rays which are used to confirm signs of osteoarthritis or other forms of arthritis, alternatively an MRI scan is to use to confirm signs of soft tissue injuries such as meniscus tears or ligament damage.

Any diagnostic scans will be reported by a consultant radiologist ensuring you receive the highest level of care available on the same day.

Once the report is available, you will then attend a follow up consultation with Mr Pydisetty to discuss the results and if required a treatment plan for you to consider.

After the specialist knee clinic

Following your consultations with Mr Pydisetty, you may be offered a treatment plan. Treatment plans are charged separately, and can vary. For example you may be suitable for a series of steroid injections, or surgical procedures in the form of an arthroscopy or knee replacement.

We will confirm in writing the exact costs following your investigations based on the recommendations of the Consultant.