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Private Clinical Hypnotherapy

The aim of clinical hypnotherapy is to help you make positive change.

The aim of clinical hypnotherapy is to help you make positive change.  This may be with regard to certain behaviours & habits for example around eating, smoking and drinking, or with regard to issues like phobias, social anxiety and stress-related disease.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is very different from the hypnotherapy you may have seen on stage or TV.  You are always in control and conscious.

Through relaxation (self-hypnosis) you can be more receptive to new ideas, concepts and suggestions that help you develop new ways of thinking acting and being.

We have a qualified hypnotherapist who has 32 years experience in the field of emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Russell Hoyles offers a free initial consultation, which allows you the opportunity to evaluate and consider if the programme feels right for you too.

Russell Hoyles has experience of using clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and life coaching to help manage a whole range of behaviours and habits.

What behaviours or habits can be addressed with clinical hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can help address the following issues:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Addictions
  • Anger management
  • Body image
  • Confidence
  • Exams and education
  • Fears and phobias
  • Habits and disorders
  • Behavioural and lifestyle change
  • Weight loss and weight gain
  • Professional performance at work
  • Sports performance

Key facts about the procedure