Quality Account

We are delighted to present the Quality Account for 2021/2022 for Fairfield Independent Hospital. The provision of high quality patient care is and will always be the highest priority of Fairfield. Our dedicated team of clinical staff and consultants are very much at the forefront of achieving this but we have an organisation wide commitment to ensure that we continue to improve year upon year.

Quality matters to all of us working at Fairfield and we know that it is key to the success of our organisation.  Our reputation is based on the provision of high quality, personalised care and our core values as a charitable organisation means we stand out from other private providers in the area.  Our aim is simple: to build a strong safety culture all the way from the Board to our front line staff who deal directly with patients.  We want strong leaders and managers at every level in the organisation, who are committed to quality and safety and who can promote a can-do attitude and a sense of belonging.

We recognise that providing health care is not without risk and that sometimes patients can be unintentionally be harmed in the care we provide. I am pleased to report that these events are rare and we are relentless in our pursuit of quality and each year we set ourselves demanding plans and targets to achieve our goals. This is supported by the development and training of our staff and the application of systematic and rigorous processes.

Delivering high quality healthcare for over 47 years

The Hospital has been delivering high quality health care to the local community for 47 years. We are extremely proud of our track record of providing good quality safe services as an independent health charity.

The Quality Account is designed to provide a transparent look at our organisation and to give confidence to our patients, partner and commissioners. We can improve our services by listening and acting on what our patients tell us and ensuring that all patients receive a personalised service.  We strive to develop our knowledge further to improve and develop evidence based clinical practice.

The senior team at the Hospital and the Board have welcomed the opportunity, through this Quality Account, to clearly state our commitment to quality and make sure that we continue to improve.  It sets out facts and information about the quality of our services which I hope you will find useful and easy to read and understand.  If you have any queries or comments on our Quality Account then please let us know by emailing k.roche@fairfield.org.uk

Click here to view the Quality Account QA 23-24 – Final