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Private MRI Scan

MRI scans are used to examine, reassure and identify a number of conditions including chronic migraines, back pain and torn ligaments.

Our MRI scans are reported by accredited professional consultant radiologists, which ensures that you receive the highest level of care every time.

As NHS waiting times for MRI scans can be variable, it is sometimes more convenient to choose an appointment through private healthcare. Fairfield Independent Hospital can make for a convenient alternative to other institutions in the North West, our hospital is just a short car trip from Manchester and Liverpool.

Our MRI radiographers have extensive experience of reassuring and assisting people who are anxious about having an MRI scan, or suffer with small spaces. If you would like to speak to someone about having an MRI scan you can contact our radiology care team on 01744 746 409 or email

Fairfield Independent Hospital are also proud to announce that we have a wide bore MRI scanner on site, which is ideal for patients that are claustrophobic. This is the latest technology and the only scanner of its kind in the North West.

We offer direct access to private scans for people with or without private medical insurance.

If you have private medical insurance, most diagnostic scans are covered, however, it is important that you contact your medical insurance provider before booking your scan.

Private MRI Guide Prices

How Much is a Private MRI Scan?

We also offer competitive self-pay prices for all our scans. The cost of an MRI Scan ranges from £299 to £700 per scan.

Our MRI scan costs are priced per area to make things simpler.

  • 1 area – £299 – £350
  • 2 Areas – £525
  • 3 Areas – £700
  • Arthrogram – £650

What is an MRI scan?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. MRI scans are painless, safe procedures that use powerful magnets to produce a magnetic field that helps produce detailed pictures of the inside of your body. Lying on a flat bed, you’ll be moved into the scanner head or feet first, depending on where you need to be scanned. Whilst the scan is taking place you will be asked to stay as still as possible so that the machine can create an accurate image of you. Types of MRI include a magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) which looks specifically at the body’s blood vessels, or scan to assess soft tissues such muscles or cartilage.

How long does an MRI scan last?

A single MRI scan can last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, this time will vary depending on the part of your body and the size of the area being scanned. Consultant Radiologists will operate the MRI scanner using a computer in a separate room, they will be able to talk to you through the use of an intercom and will be able to see you via a television monitor. Once the procedure is complete your MRI images will need to be studied by Radiologists thoroughly before you receive your results, which may take several working days, depending on your case.

What are some typical MRI examinations?

Typical examinations include:

  • Head
  • Knee
  • Spine
  • Shoulder

We will need a referral from your GP or appropriate clinician before booking your MRI scan. For more information you can contact our Radiology Department on 01744 746 409 or email

We also have a team of accredited allied health professionals, specialist consultant counsellors, accredited physician consultants
and a specialist rheumatologist consultant for those suffering from rheumatological related issues.


Is an MRI Scan of the full body?

Not typically. MRI scans look at targeted areas of the body in order to diagnose and treat a specific area. These areas or number of areas, will influence the price and length of time ofthe MRI scan you need.

Why is an MRI Scan done?

MRI scans take a deeper look into the human body. MRI machines create images using strong electromagnetic fields, they pick up diseases and conditions in a different way to a CT scan. It does not use radiation, but takes a while longer.

Who looks at MRI Scan results?

The scans are performed by experienced MRI radiographers. The scans are subsequently reported by our team of consultant radiologists and the report sent on to your referring clinician.

What conditions does an MRI Scan show?

There are a number of conditions that can be diagnosed from an MRI Scan. MRI scans can detect many conditions of the brain including developmental abnormalities, brain tumours, multiple sclerosis and stroke caused by bleeding.

They can also show soft tissue injuries, such as damaged ligaments, joint injuries in addition to any spine and disc problems. It is able to look at internal organs including the heart, liver and reproductive organs. Reaching a better understanding of your condition can lead to treatment sooner than you think.

Can MRI Scans show nerve damage?

Nerve pain and damage can typically be diagnosed via neurological examination. However, an MRI scan can pinpoint the areas of pain or damage in a more precise way, for example a scan of the spine would demonstrate if any discs were compressing your spinal nerves.

I have claustrophobia – can I still have an MRI scan?

The hospital has recently invested in a wide bore MRI scanner which is suitable for patients who suffer from claustrophobia. You can discuss this option during your initial consultation.

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