MRI scan for patients with claustrophobia

Do you need an MRI scan but have a fear of enclosed spaces?

Fairfield Independent Hospital is proud to announce that we now have our wide bore MRI scanner on site at the Hospital

The scanner which is wider than conventional MRI scanners is suitable for people with claustrophobia, creating a much more comfortable, less claustrophobic experience. It’s also much quieter than a traditional scanner and patients can have cool air blowing on your face to help you remain calm.

The duration of the MRI scan depends on the area(s) of the body being scanned, and on average it takes 45 minutes. The radiographer will be able to tell you an estimated time before the scan and will be available to speak you to at all times. You will also be given a button to press if you experience anxiety or feel you need to take a break.

We’ll do everything we can to make the experience positive and as relaxing as possible!

The cost of the MRI scan is from £350

For further information please contact our helpful team 01744 746409