Leaving Hospital

We recognise that leaving the hospital can be an anxious time for you and your family.

If a patient needs someone to accompany them following their procedure to drive them home and stay with them, then you will be given this information prior to your admission so that you can make appropriate arrangements.

Travel Arrangements

Whether you are staying overnight or having treatment in the clinic, you will need to arrangements in place for a friend or family member to accompany you home. Your consultant will give you any special instructions that you need to follow at home, and arrange any follow-up appointments or treatment. If you need any drugs to help your recovery, these will be given to you before you go home.

When you get home

It may take a few days to fully recover from the effects of treatment.  If you have any concerns whatsoever following your care, please contact the Hospital on the number given to you on your patient leaflet.

We appreciate that leaving the hospital is an anxious time for patients and their carers, but we are at the other end of the phone to help if needed.

Paying for services

Please ensure you have medical insurance company authorisation before proceeding with your care. You will be responsible for payment of any costs of tests, consultations or treatments that you have without any authorisation from your medical insurance. You will be  expected to pay for any services you receive before you leave the hospital.

As detailed in our terms and conditions found on the patient registration form.