Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Commitment

Fairfield Independent Hospital is committed to promoting Equality, Diversity and Human Rights (EDHR) for all of its staff, patients and visitors. Our Equality and Diversity Strategy outlines and builds upon the work that is already in place across the organisation.

We are committed to challenging discrimination in all its forms and ensuring that equality lies at the heart of everything we do.  We want to be a fair and unbiased organisation, one where everyone accepts difference between individuals and values the benefits that diversity brings. All of our staff want to be sure that people, patients, carers, themselves and colleagues are treated fairly and that Fairfield Independent Hospital becomes the best place to receive care and the best place to work.

Our service delivery, employment practices, policies and procedures ensure the Hospital’s core values are at the heart of our culture and permeate across all areas of our organisation. Feedback from  our patient experience surveys and staff surveys provide valuable, real time, information on how we can   improve access to our services from all sections of the local community.

Candidates applying for posts within our hospital have the assurance that our practices and HR processes are non-discriminatory. As an employer we will create an culture in which diversity is valued and staff, feel able to promote equality and challenge unlawful discrimination.

There are a number of drivers that inform, regulate and monitor the Hospitals equality work. These drivers dictate and drive how we provides services to members of diverse communities.  These include:

  • Equality Legislation 
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Codes of Practice and Guidance
  • NHS Constitution
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) Essential standards of quality and safety 
  • NHSLA 
  • Equality Delivery System (EDS). 
  • Equality Impact Assessments

Legal compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and the PSED (public sector equality duty) is included as a requirement as part of  within our contract  with the NHS.

The Hospital as part of its governance framework has several policies related to Equality, Diversity and Human Rights which apply to all staff, including  – locum, bank /agency staff, Consultant practitioners granted Practising Privileges to work at Fairfield and  to all patients and other stakeholders who use our services. All new staff undertake a detailed training programme of induction which includes specific training on Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

We need to be pro-active so that we can meet the changing needs of diverse communities and provide fair access for all in an environment where dignity and individuality is respected and promoted.

For more information please refer to our latest reports:  annual report 20- 21

Workforce Race Equality Standards – The hospital produces and submits   information regarding its workforce and its plans.  The most recent plan  can be found here:   WRES ACTION PLAN 2020