The Charity

Fairfield Independent Hospital is one of the very few remaining charitable hospitals in the country.

Previously known as ‘Friends of Fairfield’ we have been supporting the hospital for the last 40 years. In celebration of this ‘epic’ anniversary and reflecting our vision for a dynamic future in the years ahead, we have changed our name to Fairfield Future.

How you can help?

As a charity people can donate to the Hospital in order to help us fund new equipment and to develop new services to improve the Hospital for our patients, visitors and staff.  We need your help to raise funds to benefit the people of St Helens and the surrounding communities.

There are many ways that you can support the aims of Fairfield Future in achieving its goals.

You can support Fairfield Future by simply by making a donation, there is no minimum amount, just give what you can afford. If you pay Income Tax and are happy to complete a Gift Aid declaration, HMRC allows us to augment your donation by claiming back basic rate tax.

Thanks to the donations received from our supporters, Fairfield Future is able to help fund new diagnostic equipment and facilities.

Early access to diagnostics is key to providing effective treatment. With the portfolio of services currently available, including physiotherapy, acupuncture and specialist neck and back pain services, we believe that we can assist the Hospital in the provision of a ‘one stop’ shop for patients and provide faster diagnosis and treatment.