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Private CT Scan

A CT scan can produce a detailed, cross-section image of the structures inside the body, identifying even the tiniest abnormalities in internal organs, blood vessels and bones.

By Andrew Hatfield
Updated: 16th October 2023

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Our CT scans are reported by accredited professional consultant radiologists, which ensure that you receive the highest level of care every time.

As NHS waiting times for CT scans can be variable, it is sometimes more convenient to choose an appointment privately. With our hospital just a short car trip from Manchester and Liverpool, Fairfield Independent Hospital can make for a convenient alternative to other institutions in the North West.

Sometimes known as a CAT scan, these procedures can help diagnose conditions such as damaged bones or injuries to internal organs. They are also invaluable tools in the location and assessment of tumours.

It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothes when you arrive for your scan. One of our CT Radiographers will be able to talk to you throughout the procedure through the use of an intercom. You will be asked to lie on your back for around 5-20 minutes and to stay very still – you may be asked to breathe in or out on command. Unlike an MRI scan, you are not completely surrounded by the scanner continually. Instead, a ring rotates around you as you pass through it.

Once our computers have processed your images, our Consultant Radiologists will be able to study them. Your report may take a little time, so it is unlikely that you will receive your results immediately after the procedure. We aim to turn around all reports within a week.

We offer direct access to private CT Scans for people with or without private medical insurance.

If you do have private medical insurance, most diagnostic scans are covered, however, it is important that you contact your medical insurance provider before booking your scan.

Private CT scan prices

We offer competitive self-pay prices for all our CT scans.

How much is a Private CT Scan?

The cost of a CT scan ranges from £450 to £600 per scan.

Private CT scans are priced per area to make things simpler:

  • 1 area – £450
  • 2 Areas – £600
  • Addition of Contrast – extra £75

What are typical CT scan examinations?

  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Head

For some examinations, there is an additional charge of using contrast, sometimes this is only identified on the day. Any associated costs will be made clear to you before you proceed with any scans or tests.

We will need a referral from your GP or appropriate clinician before booking your CT scan.

For those seeking a physiotherapist, we also have a team of dedicated accredited allied health professionals, specialist consultant counsellors and an accredited physician consultant.


How does a CT Scan work?

CT Scan stands for computerised tomography. The scan uses X-rays to form images that are used to create images of slices through areas of your body. It uses computer processes that create cross-sectional images of your bones, blood vessels and soft tissues in order to form a clearer image than just an X-ray alone.

Are CT Scans and MRI Scans the same?

No, a CT Scan uses radiation to obtain images, whereas an MRI machine creates images using strong electromagnetic fields both of which form a precise image of the inside of your body. A radiologist will decide whether an MRI or CT is most appropriate dependant on your symptoms. Both types of scan have their own individual qualities for demonstrating different disease processes.

Why is a CT Scan done?

There are multiple reasons why you may need a CT scan. Some of these include detecting tumours, investigating internal bleeding, or checking other internal damage or injuries. They can also be used during interventional procedures e.g. performing biopsies or spinal injections.

Can CT Scans detect cancer?

Not only can CT scans detect the presence and size of tumours, but they can also be used to detect multiple cancers. The scan is painless, takes around 5-10 minutes. It is very quick compared to an MRI scan.

Are CT Scan results immediate?

Although the scan can be fairly quick, the results are not immediate. This is due to computer processing and the process afterwards, where a radiologist must analyse the results before they can be given to the patient.

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