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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy (Exercises, Bladder and Bowel Training) Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Plantar Fasciitis Private ACL Reconstruction Surgery Private Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery Private Ankle Fusion Surgery Private Arthrogram Private Back Pain Specialist Private Bunion Surgery Private Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery Private Cataract Surgery Private Cheilectomy Private Chronic Pain Specialist Private Colonoscopy Private CT Scan Private Earwax Removal Private Echocardiogram (Echo) Private Elbow Replacement Surgery Private Epidural Injections Private Facet Joint Injections Private Foot Pain Specialist Private Gastroscopy (Upper GI Endoscopy) Private Haemorrhoid Injections Private Haemorrhoidectomy Surgery Private Hammer Toe Treatment and Surgery Private Hand and Wrist Pain Specialist Private Heart MOT Scan Private Hernia Repair Surgery (Inguinal) Private Hip Arthroscopy Private Hip Impingement Treatment Private Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Private Hip Pain Specialist Private Hip Replacement Private Hydrodilatation (Arthrographic Distension) Private Hysterectomy Private Ingrown Toenail Surgery Private Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Private Knee Ligament Injury Treatment Private Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Private Knee Pain Specialist Private Knee Replacement Surgery Private Laser Mole Removal Private Laser Skin Specialist Clinic Private Mole, Cyst, Skin Tag & Wart Removal Private MRI Scan Private Ophthalmology Specialist Clinic Private Pain Management Specialist Clinic Private Physiotherapy St Helens Private Respiratory Physiotherapy Private Rotator Cuff Surgery Private Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery Private Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Treatment Private Shoulder Pain Specialist Private Shoulder Replacement Surgery Private Tennis Elbow Surgery Private Ultrasound Scan Private X-Ray Ptosis (Drooping eye lid) Treatment Ptosis Corrective Surgery Punctal Plugs (Punctal Occlusion)