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Private Heart MOT Scan

Heart MOT service, also known as a Cardiac MOT (or Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment)

By Andrew Hatfield
Updated: 12th June 2023

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Heart MOT is a service offering a range of tests designed to determine the health of your heart and detect any abnormalities such as Arrhythmia, a Heart MOT also calculates the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

A consultant will ask if you have any current lifestyle risk factors that increase your risk of developing a Cardiovascular Disease, these include smoking, a poor diet, lack of physical activity, alcohol consumption, family history and medical history.

What treatments can be included in a Heart MOT?

Treatments includes: –

  • Initial consultation and Health Assessment
  • Echo
  • ECG
  • Blood tests
  • Follow up Appointment

All results will be documented which are passed together with your history for the cardiologist to review.

Dr Mohammed is happy to see patients without a referral, however any information from your GP will be beneficial to the consultation. The Consultant will write to your GP with the results of the assessment.

Key facts about the procedure