Our Standards

Ensuring the safety of our patients, visitors and staff is at the heart of everything we do.

As an Independent Hospital we have very clear policies on infection control and patient safety and we have a dedicated team of health professionals who ensure you do not become ill during your stay.

Fairfield Independent Hospital is a member of the trade association for independent hospitals, AIHO (The Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations). AIHO represents over 200 hospitals that provide services to insured, self-paying and NHS-funded patients. AIHO works with the Care Quality Commission to influence, impact and represent the high standard of quality care members provide patients within an independent healthcare setting.

How we achieve our standards

  • Excellent nurse to patient ratios.
  • Single occupancy room with en-suite facilities
  • Dedicated infection control team with a lead nurse who is an Infection Prevention Society member
  • Regular audits including Hand Hygiene, Aseptic Technique and Bare Below the Elbows
  • All our staff attend regular infection control training
  • We liaise with NHS Trusts for the latest in infection prevention and best practice

Our Performance

We collect, analyse and share our patient performance so our patients can make an informed decision when choosing their healthcare provider.   We are proud of our impressive infection control and the processes we have in place for patient safety.

The table below shows our results against key performance indicators for hospital acquired infections for November 2019.

Performance Indicators MRSA Positive Patients C-difficile Positive Patients MSSA Positive Patients E.Coli Positive Patients
Fairfield Independent Hospital 0 0 0 0
National Average 16 393 224 3643
November 2019 Performance Patients requiring antibiotics following surgery Infection Rate
Fairfield Independent Hospital 3 0.6%

Why is this information important to me?

In the last 12 months we have had zero incidents of MRSA, C-Defficile, E.Coli or MSSA.

Safety Thermometer

The NHS Safety Thermometer requires hospitals to measure harm and the proportion of patients who are ‘harm free’ from pressure ulcers, falls, urine infections (in patients who have a catheter) and blood clots.

This survey is carried out on one day each month and is possibly the largest patient safety data collection of its kind across all hospitals.

The national goal is to be 100% harm free and ensure that no patient develops any complications during their stay.

Performance Indicators Harm Free
Fairfield Independent Hospital 100%
National Average 94%

Pharmacy formulary

Fairfield Independent Hospital is guided by the formulary and decisions made by the Local Health Community Formulary Medicines Management Board for the clinical indications that we are contracted to treat.

Visit Local Health Authority Website

Thank you for your help

Our infection control team would like to thank our visitors, patients and employees who help us achieve our impressive results and keep up the good work.

If you have any questions regarding this information please do not hesitate to email enquiries@fairfield.org.uk for the attention of Julie Ollerton, Chief Nurse.