Quality of Care

Our consultants, nurses and administration staff work together as part of a multidisciplinary team to deliver the highest standards of care.

We do everything we can from your first contact with us to ensure that you have the best possible experience here. Making reasonable adjustments  for patients where necessary,  and providing support in terms of access to interpreters as and when necessary.

We are proud of the 99% patient satisfaction scores that we regularly achieve.

Consultant Level Care

You will be seen by consultant level surgeons, anaesthetists and radiologists, every time.

Our consultant level multidisciplinary team ensures you will receive the highest level of care. This ensures, that if you are concerned and require care we offer a comprehensive service.

Celebrating nearly 50 Years of Caring

Originally in 1974, the site was a care home for older people, and in 1979 it became a hospital.

All patient treatment and care takes place in purpose built accommodation which has been designed to the highest standards and incorporates the latest medical technology and quality of care and safety.

Clinical Governance

Our Clinical Governance program puts patients at the heart of quality improvement. Patient feedback is a very important aspect of our patient-centred approach to clinical governance, as is feedback from friends and family who are involved in the care of the patient.

We aim to be as transparent as possible with clinical governance. We publish clinical outcomes, including statistics on MRSA infection control, unplanned return to theatre incidents, hospital readmissions, postoperative infection rates. Regular audit meetings with clinical staff and managers are held to discuss how we can improve the monitoring and publication of clinical outcomes.

The role of education is included in our audit and improvement process. All staff from receptionists to consultants are enrolled in a process of continuing professional development from the first day of employment. This individual training is audited as part of the clinical governance process to ensure that the appropriate standards and levels of training are provided to staff. Non clinical staff are also invited to attend clinical training days  to provide them with a broader appreciation of clinical procedure and standards.

We are committed to giving patients all the information they need prior to making any clinical decisions. We provide a range of patient information leaflets for specific conditions. These patient information materials are reviewed annually to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

Pharmacy Formulary

Fairfield Independent Hospital is guided by the formulary and decisions made by the Local Health Community Formulary Medicines Management Board for the clinical indications that we are contracted to treat.

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