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Conformis Knee Replacement Surgery

ConforMIS™ patient-specific implants allow the surgeon to match your unique anatomy for an optimal fit and preserve your medial and lateral joint line with the potential for a more natural feeling knee.

By Andrew Hatfield
Updated: 12th June 2023

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Using 3-D printing technology together with the CT images from the patient ensures that the ConforMIS™ patient-specific implants are created to perfectly fit to the size and shape of the patient’s bone.

“Fairfield Independent Hospital’s ambition is to be one of the leading centres for joint replacement in the Northwest, and currently we have the most ConforMIS trained knee surgeons in the UK”

Privately you will benefit from no waiting lists or long delays for an ConforMIS™ patient-specific knee replacement at Fairfield Independent Hospital.

We work with most insurance companies, and offer competitive self-pay prices if you do not have health insurance.

Before considering surgery, it is important to be aware that all surgical procedures carry a certain amount of risk and it is important that you understand the risks involved with ConforMIS™ patient-specific knee replacement.

What benefits are there for having ConforMIS™ patient-specific knee replacement?

There are several benefits for having at ConforMIS™ patient-specific knee replacement, which include:

  • 3D printed implants created using CT-scan images
  • Thin implants focused around bone preservation
  • Single-use pre-sterilised kits
  • Implant design centred around natural movements
  • Simplified surgical procedures

Designed to match your size and shape for an optimal fit

With patient-specific implants surgeons do not have to compromise on the fit because the implants are designed using 3D printing technology, based on your CT-scan image which is taken prior to surgery.

With an off-the-shelf implant the surgeon is required to make decisions during the operation which may result in having implant overhang (the part is too big for the knee) or implant underhang (the part is too small and therefore leaving exposed bone). Overhang can lead to pain and underhang can lead to implant subsidence.

A Thinner Implant

Due to the individually shaped and sized, patient-specific knee implants, the ConforMIS patient-specific implants provide up to 27% more bone preservation, as a thinner implant results in less bone being cut during surgery.

Designed for single-use to reduce risk of contamination

The ConforMIS™ implants come in a pre-sterilized disposable, single-use kit.

Disposable, single-use instrumentation is beneficial to you, the hospital the surgeons because it means that the implant AND the instruments are used only on you and then discarded.

Disposable single use instrumentation reduces the risk of infection as it is not used on multiple patients.

Designed for a more natural feeling knee

Kinematics (or motion) is a word that is used that describes the motion of your knee. The motion of your knee and how well it moves is a strong indicator of how natural your knee will feel after surgery.

According to ConforMIS™ their goal is to give you the “most natural feeling knee” as they possibly can. They believe that the more an implant mimics the natural shape of your knee, the more likely it is to move more naturally and feel more natural.

Designed to simplify the surgical procedure

For each surgery we receive a “surgical plan” which works like a map of your knee, providing us with information that typically we can’t see until we are in the operating room.

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