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Varicose Vein Removal Surgery

If EVLA and sclerotherapy are unsuitable for you, you may be offered a surgical procedure to remove the affected veins.

By Andrew Hatfield
Updated: 3rd July 2023

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Our Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Mr Tom Nicholas offers private varicose vein surgery, endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose veins.

Privately you will benefit from no waiting lists or long delays for an varicose vein surgery at Fairfield Independent Hospital.

We work with all known insurance companies, and offer competitive self-pay prices if you do not have health insurance.


Q. What happens during varicose vein surgery?

During varicose vein surgery, the problem veins are surgically removed through a cut. Your surgeon may need to make small cuts along the length of the veins that have been marked.

Q. What is the cost of varicose vein surgery?

The cost of varicose vein surgery will depend on the number of varicose veins being treated, their severity and whether one or two legs are being treated.

We do not offer free cosmetic consultations for varicose veins.

Before considering surgery, it is important to be aware that all surgical procedures carry a certain amount of risk and it is important that you understand the risks involved with varicose vein surgery.

During your initial consultation you will be able to explain your medical history, and discuss the potential risks of varicose vein surgery with the surgeon before making a decision.

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