Dr Naomi Humber

Clinical Psychologist

BSc, PhD, DClinPsy, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Dr Naomi Humber is a Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of mental health problems. She regularly assesses and treats mild to severe mental health problems in adult patients. She currently works for the NHS at Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust as a Principal Clinical Psychologist.

Dr Humber also works in private medical healthcare provision of psychological therapies and interventions at Fairfield Independent Hospital. She provides evidence-based and clinically effective treatments for mental health and well-being in order to help to improve lives.

She has a strong academic background and is a scientist-practitioner with current empirical knowledge from work at a leading University and as a Clinical Lead in mental health service provision at Bupa. She offers access to timely psychological intervention and support for distressing symptoms and conditions.

This provision helps patients to reduce their distressing symptoms by tackling the issues using effective techniques and strategies to promptly aid their recovery.

Common conditions and symptoms requiring treatment include:

Symptoms of mental health that patients often report as distressing and requiring treatment include worry, low mood, anger, irritability, negative thoughts, panic, obsessional behaviour, intrusive thoughts, social withdrawal, lack of motivation, poor sleep, issues with eating, paranoia, flashbacks from traumatic experiences, and hypervigilance.

Dr Humber regularly works with people with a wide range of emotional and physical health problems, including eating disorders, self-harm/suicidal thoughts, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression, and trauma. She works with adults who are coming to terms with challenging or stressful life stage transitions, traumatic experiences, separation, bereavement, physical health problems and medical diagnoses.

Session content:

Dr Humber’s clinical work requires her to assess, formulate and treat the difficulties of adults. Individualised clinical assessment of the presenting problem, along with a personalised understanding of the problem in collaboration with the patient, will drive the recommendation and intervention plan. Sessions will focus on reducing symptoms of distress by using evidence based psychological strategies and techniques to alleviate suffering. The patient is deemed the expert on their experience and suffering so will play a key role in their recovery.

Dr Humber has completed post-doctoral training in a number of different psychological models and techniques. Her approach draws on cognitive, behavioural, schema, solution-focussed, systemic and narrative psychological models. She provides individualised sessions tailored according to a patient’s needs and personality.

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Health and Care Professions Council

British Psychological Society